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image of Midland Hotel, Conservative party conference

We are looking forward to attending the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 29 September to 2 October. 

It has been confirmed the conference will still go ahead, following today’s announcement that the suspension of parliament was unlawful. This means it is likely the Conservatives will use the conference as an opportunity to set out their plans for post-Brexit Britain. 

It is definitely going to be a thought-provoking and unique party conference.

The Conservative party have no doubt had a tumultuous year, with Theresa May’s resignation, a new Prime Minister, votes of no confidence, and now calls for Prime Minister Johnson’s resignation. With the Government still no closer to a Brexit deal, it appears quite a bleak picture. However, for our sector, the Conservative Government has brought forward some good initiatives such as having a target for zero emissions, increased funding for electric vehicles and advancing the much needed Northern Powerhouse Rail, among other policies.

Yet, the Conservative Party’s reputation is really hanging in the balance and the divisions over Brexit continue to deepen. This party conference will be the first time we are addressed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and it will be interesting to see what he has to say about the future of the Conservative Party.

We are looking forward to the various debates, workshops and hearing the Conservatives' views and plans in tackling the imminent issues facing the UK. As many of our clients and associates are from the transport and infrastructure sectors, we will be keen to hear how they are planning on further supporting a zero-carbon future, their attitudes to major infrastructure projects and how they will increase mobile connectivity in rural areas. We will be monitoring the transport and infrastructure fringe events to get the most up-to-date news for our customers.

JFG comms is also passionate about gender issues so we will also be paying close attention to workshops and debates that centre around issues such as the gender pay gap, STEM careers and increased support for working parents.

We are excited to meet MPs and fellow industry professionals, as well as, network with some new faces. If you would like to connect or speak with our Managing Director, Jo Field, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..