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Delivered by Jo Field, our award-winning Founder & Managing Director, and expert in Transport Stakeholder Engagement, this two-hour workshop has been designed to give attendees a clear understanding of the value of stakeholder engagement and why it’s crucial to the success of major projects.

Jo will be drawing on her 18 years of success in developing and delivering public affairs campaigns and building stakeholder support, partnerships and advocacy.

Attendees will leave the workshop having achieved a clear picture of what stakeholder engagement is, who their stakeholders are, and how to successfully engage them.

What’s included in the workshop:

  • What is stakeholder engagement?
  • Why is stakeholder engagement important?
    • The need for continued case-making
  • Relevant policy and legislation
  • Stakeholder mapping
    • Developing policy and plans with stakeholders
    • Positions of influence
  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy and its role in protecting reputation
  • Techniques and channels
  • Measuring success
  • Top tips for stakeholder engagement

For further information and course dates, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..