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Today is Equal Pay Day, which marks the day in the year where women effectively stop earning and work for free until the end of the year.  

This is caused by the gender pay gap, which sees women earning less, on average, than their male colleagues. 

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The Railway Industry Association and Women in Rail have today launched their ‘Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter’. The Charter has been designed to support diversity across the UK railway industry.

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In the past month, the transport industry has continued to see a push towards active travel as the green recovery from Covid-19 continues. This has been despite the apparent policy shift by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Women with pilot goggles

October is Black History Month in the UK.  It has been fantastic to see the ways in which people have been encouraged to talk about and celebrate the achievements of Black people in Britain. 

At JFG Comms we thought this would be a great opportunity to celebrate Black women who have contributed to the transport industry over the years. So we set about researching. 

Ada Lovelace

In our blog for Ada Lovelace Day, Becky Franklin finds out more about the 'enchantress of numbers' and why we need more female pioneers like her.