About us

We are a boutique, virtual consultancy specialising in stakeholder engagement, public affairs and gender diversity for the transport and infrastructure sectors. 

We are experts in creating innovative ways to connect people and policymakers to enable better policy. We provide the creative spark to help companies develop and achieve their communications and stakeholder engagement goals.

We are passionate about improving stakeholder engagement on transport and infrastructure projects, thereby inspiring a wider audience to consider transport careers.

We believe in harnessing the power of public affairs to improve gender diversity in the transport industry and beyond. We provide expert advice and practical tips to help companies achieve a more gender balanced team. 

Our goal is to engage, inspire and influence in everything we do.

How we can help

Britain’s departure from the European Union will dominate politics and government for the foreseeable future, and is a critical issue for business.

Alongside this crucial moment for business, the Government’s drive to make the UK more competitive and open to new trade opportunities puts the transport industry at the heart of a post-Brexit world.

We can help you prepare your business for the exciting challenges ahead and set you apart from your competitors. 

Customer and stakeholder advocacy

Demands from customers are changing. Organisations we start working with rightly ask themselves: how can we better communicate with our customers and stakeholders in this new political climate? Not every business has the time or resource to invest in engagement programmes that can genuinely deliver policy goals. Our belief is that familiarity for a business can lead to favourability. We use our experience of turning critical friends into important allies and angry customers into loyal supporters, to build an advocacy platform for our clients.

Building advocacy is a long-term process; it doesn’t happen overnight. When it’s reached, however, advocacy from your customers or stakeholders about what your company does, can allow you to influence the policy agenda and ensure your business’s performance thrives.

Improving gender balance

With men making up nearly 80 per cent of the workforce in the UK’s transport sector, there remains a deepening under-representation of women. Diversifying your workforce not only produces a pipeline of talent for the future, but also boosts your bottom-line; diverse organisations are 45 per cent more likely to improve their market share. We have worked with a number of leading companies who have, with our support, already taken the steps to establish a modern, and diverse, workforce.