About us

JFG Comms is a virtual public affairs consultancy specialising in stakeholder engagement, political communications, and diversity. We work with customers in the transport, infrastructure and construction sectors. 

We're experts in creating innovative ways to connect people and policymakers to enable better policy. We provide the creative spark to help companies develop and achieve their communications and stakeholder engagement goals.

Our story

Less than one quarter of UK transport workers are women. After returning from maternity leave and noticing the lack of female role models in the sector, our founder, Jo Field decided to take action. She used her campaigning expertise to drive forward the women in transport agenda and reach out to inspire young women to choose transport careers. As a result, Jo won the everywoman in Transport and Logistics Industry Champion award in May 2016. This inspired Jo to set up JFG Comms later that year.

Our purpose is to improve communications and engagement on transport and infrastructure projects. This will help the industry reach a wider audience and encourage more women to consider transport careers.

We work with customers and partners aligned with our purpose and together we deliver great campaigns.

How we can help

Transport is at the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis. From operating frontline services, to making sure our supermarkets are stocked and our packages are delivered on time, transport is keeping Britain moving in these challenging times.

But transport is also facing considerable set-backs. Services have been decreased while people stay at home, reducing passenger numbers and fare income. As lockdown restrictions are eased, transport operators need to introduce social distancing as well as building people’s confidence to return. The sector needs to encourage more walking and cycling as well as dissuading people from getting back in their cars.

For transport policymakers, there is also the opportunity of harnessing some of the positives from the ‘new normal’. As the biggest emitter of carbon, transport is at the forefront of the climate crisis. More people working from home and travelling less has considerable environmental benefits. These could be integrated into transport planning for the future.

New transport infrastructure is also an important part of the recovery. It will create jobs and skills as we build our way out of recession.

Customer and stakeholder advocacy

Transport, infrastructure and construction businesses are asking how they can improve relationships with customers and stakeholders to gain a competitive edge and emerge from the covid-19 crisis stronger than before.

Effective communications and engagement are key to managing disruption, protecting your company’s reputation, and keeping your customers and employees loyal.

We can help you develop your communications and engagement strategy, position your narrative and build customer and stakeholder confidence in new products, services and ways of working that are emerging in response to covid-19.

We will help you understand changing government priorities and build stakeholder advocacy about what your company does, allowing you to influence the policy agenda and ensure your business’s performance thrives.

Improving gender balance

With men making up nearly 80 per cent of the workforce in the UK’s transport sector, there remains a deepening under-representation of women. Diversifying your workforce not only produces a pipeline of talent for the future, but also boosts your bottom-line. Research shows organisations with diverse teams are more likely to outperform their competitors. Building a diverse workforce is now more important than ever. We can support all aspects of your diversity and inclusion programme and help you build a more diverse team.

We have the knowledge and expertise to advise businesses and help ensure they come out of the covid-19 crisis stronger than ever before. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or sign up to our blog for news and advice.